is a free smartphone application for everyone for self checking, monitoring, and management of vision health at professional level. It is developed under Vision Health, We Act ! *, a WVHO program for promoting public awareness and service in vision health care in developing countries.

With the academic advisory team of vision care expertise from all over the world seating behind for scientific support, enables everyone as an expert for self vision health checking, monitoring, and management. [For free smartphone application downloading, click here…] also has an institutional version for primary vision care providers. With the implementation of at their institutes, professionals for primary vision care may get the needed third-party specialty supports for their quality practice. [for institutional service, click here…]



* Names of the Program in different language: Vision Health, We Act ! (English) ; 视觉健康,人人行动!(中文)

Peek Vision


Peek Vision is a social enterprise which works to bring better vision and health to everyone. We develop technology and partnerships to create sustainable access to eye care.  Peek solutions are cost-effective and portable, so they can reach people in remote and rural areas.

Peek is a hybrid organisation which consists of two entities. The Peek Vision Foundation is a registered charity in the UK. The Foundation wholly owns a trading company, Peek Vision Ltd, which is a legal manufacturer of medical devices and develops products to bring eye care to people worldwide.

All profits generated by the company’s activities ultimately belong to the Foundation. The Foundation uses its funds to build eye care capacity in low- and middle-income countries by supporting people, knowledge and tools.